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About Master Of Your Crafts Podcast

The podcast is a conversation with individuals who are masters of their craft. They have harnessed and taken ownership of a gift, talent or skill that is so innate to them. We will uncover the inner dialogue, action and life circumstances, all combined in a deep conversation that to offer you words of wisdom to empower and guide you to be your own master of your crafts.

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Meet The Host

Naranjan Nota

Naranjan Nota

Hello, my name is Naranjan; I have always loved talking to people and learning how life experiences shape us into who we are, and uncovering a story revealing what and how life decisions were offered, shaping you into who you are now.

My life is built on curiosity, learning from others and what drives them to pursue their path to unveiling the mastery of one’s craft. I am honoured to capture their essence in deep reflective conversations with lots of laughter, offering prime opportunities to share what they know. 

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