Master Of Your Crafts Podcast

Capturing new perspectives from those in alignment with their
soul’s purpose and power.

Meet The Host




Hello, my name is Naranjan; I have always loved talking to people and learning how life experiences shape us into who we are, and uncovering a story revealing what and how life decisions were offered, shaping you into who you are now.

My life is built on curiosity, learning from others and what drives them to pursue their path to unveiling the mastery of one’s craft. I am honoured to capture their essence in deep reflective conversations with lots of laughter, offering prime opportunities to share what they know. 

As I delved deeper into the world of self-mastery, perhaps something more than what we see with the naked eye, I could see and feel the difference it was having in my life and those around me. The constant deep dives I did into my own life made me question my purpose, the gifts and talents I have gained, and that is innate within me. Then my soul’s voice got louder and louder, echoing that I am destined for something more – something greater. Being born into this planet is not an accident; there is a higher purpose why we are all here, and it’s time to investigate and reconnect with your soul purpose and hone the mastery of your crafts.

I’ve learned over the years everyone has unique gifts, and everything in our life may look like obstacles, when in fact, it is a divine gift, an opportunity to tap into something more potent than our conscious mind can even fathom. 

Join me in a journey of discovery to learn how perhaps you may be seeking to hone your mastery in a craft while life’s twists and turned can divert one’s path.


Goal & Vision

Through one-on-one interviews, we go on a journey to capture the essence of being in the alignment of one’s soul self. The passion and drive for the craft and how it takes over the energy bodies as life experiences and lessons unfold is a magical story in itself. When one truly is in alignment with their passion, all-time disappears and is in oneness with some greater.

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Let your imagination run wild for an opportunity to look at life from a different perspective, or to learn how to align with crafts and master them for a higher purpose.