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A heartfelt thank you to many who has supported, empowered and cheered me along to launch this passion project podcast. A true calling to share my won wisdom to others and creating a platform that will offer others to share their magical moments. It takes a lot of resources to keep our listeners and visitors engaged growing and expanding into who you truly are. I am grateful for your donation towards our efforts in creating a podcast for you. You can contact me directly using the Contact Page or the donation button below.

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Rebecca Everett

Rebecca Everett

Songwriter& Composer

Rebecca Everett


A talented and generous songwriter with a unique talent to sing and deliver a performance that captivates and penetrates the heart and soul of life. Rebecca donated her time, energy and wisdom of music to create the theme music for the podcast. A heartfelt gratitude for your support and talent.

Rebecca Everett has a keen melodic sense, which is ideal for a working songwriter and composer. Bespoke songs crafted for scenes in film along with her orchestral background and cinematic feel is a perfect match for her songwriting and composition sensibility

She has won several awards and recognition. You can view her site by clicking the button below.

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