S4. Ep. 85. Review & Reflection

Season 4 brings about even more interesting teachings and lessons. This episode will offer just a few nuggets of wisdom from each of my quests and encourage you to listen and capture your own. I’m humbled and appreciative of each of my guests who share so candidly and generously. Thank you for being part of …

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S4. Ep. 84. Train your brain to think

ST Rappaport works with growing entrepreneurs who, despite trying everything, still find it hard to focus and increase productivity. ST assists them to rewire their brain so they can remove overwhelm, finally get things done and grow their business. www.lifepixuniversity.com www.tiktok.com/@lifepixuniveristy

S4. Ep. 83. Make light of every day

Sandy Joy Weston M.Ed is a keynote speaker, international podcaster, 3x published author, and entrepreneur, who has owned and operated health and wellness companies for over 30 years. Early in her career she became the first female trainer for the Philadelphia Flyers and spent many years as a media personality and as Philadelphia NBC10’s Fitness …

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S4. Ep. 82. Body has wisdom

Haden Starbuck leads a magical life rooted in nature, critters and creativity. Her focus is to share the beauty of her world with others through her jewelry and wearable fibers (Mystic Beach Studio) and to expose more people to the fabulousness of creativity through her podcast The Curious Creatrix. Her hub of activity on the …

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S4. Ep. 81. Introvert sales

Barry Karch has always considered himself an unlikely Realtor – quiet, introverted, unsalesy. Not your prototypical formula for success! Yet, Barry has been a top selling Realtor for 36 years, selling as many as 100 homes per year. He has come to realize that being an introvert in real estate gives him many advantages over …

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S4. Ep. 79. Belief vs Experience

Kara Goodwin helps people open up to their authentic selves using meditation and hosts The Meditation Conversation podcast. Meditation has been an important tool to help her not only reduce stress and improve her physical health, but to also gain a better understanding of the true nature of reality. She is passionate about helping others …

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S4. Ep. 78. Belong in community

Cindy Van Arnam, a Simplicity Magician, who is devoted to creating pathways for Jonah’s work in the world. Through his teaching of Universal Laws and the numbers, she has transformed her life from one of barely surviving to absolute THRIVING. Cindy first began with ability to trust her own intuitive guidance with the numbers. Having …

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S4. Ep. 77. Follow the ‘Yeses!”

Emily McGill is a spiritual seeker, tarot reader, storytelling strategist, and a deep believer in the power of community. After 15 years in New York City as a Broadway and entertainment publicist and consultant, self-exploration led to healing, evolution, and reading tarot cards professionally. Invited to read tarot for virtual Burning Man 2021 and Brooklyn’s …

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