S1. Ep3. Stories That Bridge Heart & Heaven

After twenty-seven years as a corporate business professional, the author turns a unique and award-winning communication style towards spiritual matters. No longer satisfied with the status of her faith journey, she begins a quest to more intimately connect with God and discovers the unexpected.

Years of volunteer work plus supporting her local faith community results in associations that lead the author to uncover poignant and remarkable faith stories.

“As a business professionalwhen assessing companies and business problems–I listened with care. It surprised me; the things people shared. The reports I wrote became populated with personalities as much as business numbers. But now, in writing The Tapestry Book Series–I am allowed to tell intimate stories that show hidden places of the soul, where God becomes present and real in unexpected ways. I am humbled and awed at people’s trust. In bringing alive their experiences, I hope to honour their desire to share how God touches hearts and minds, to encourage others. And, more than ever, I am intrigued and compelled to look for the face of God in everyday places.”

Affirmed by a national communications award and pairing professionalism with writing workshops and courses the author’s journey evolves into the yet to be published narrative non-fiction books: The Tapestry Books: God Quest–God Discovered in Everyday Places and The Tapestry Books: Intimate Connections–God’s Graces in Everyday Places.

Carolin M. Paradis lives in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada with her husband and daughters. She is the blog author of the website Carolin M Paradis–Stories that Bridge Heart & Heaven (http://carolinmparadis.com/)  and she can be found on Facebook at  https://facebook.com/Carolin-M-Paradis/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/carolinparadis.