S1. Ep15 Shifting, again

Bianca is a deep-thinking visionary and writer, committed to helping businesses develop authentic and purposeful content. After the leaving the corporate world in 2017, she took a risk and bet on herself to follow through on a gut feeling to launch her own business. 

Three years later, her love for collaboration and helping clients authentically express themselves has allowed her to establish enduring relationships across various industries in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Bianca harnesses the power of her craft to continuously reinvent herself and take her life in new direction. Her conviction to actualize her aspirations into existence is the driving force of her career, life and the legacy she hopes to leave behind one day.

Bianca is a Western University alumni, with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a certificate in writing. In 2014, she earned a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications at Seneca at York University. Bianca is also the Copy Editor at Thoughtfully Magazine, a woman-owned wellness publication based in Los Angeles, California. Bianca can be reached by the Website, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.