S2. Ep31. The Lens For Life

Enrique Moctezuma, a 28-year-old adventurous guy born and raised in Mexico. As an Engineer graduate from The National Polytechnic Institute, then worked in Construction and found his love for travel. he travelled to more places in 3 years than all this life, and he wanted to see more of the world. He learned with hard work, set goals, and with guidance from mentors, he identified nothing is impossible.
In 2017 he moved to Ireland; not only did he love the beautiful country, but he also discovered his second and third love, gastronomy and photography, both fulfilling his passion for creativity and the arts. While Enrique combined all three passions in this life, he’s met some extraordinary people, mentors and heartfelt friends along the way who enhance the discovery of life. You can see his photography on Instagram