S3. Ep44. Live life from the inside out!

Shell Roth is a seasoned speaker, author, and social media entrepreneur, helped hundreds of organizations transform old perceptions about business leadership and inclusion. Companies and individuals alike trust Shell to simplify solutions for seemingly complicated challenges and incorporate those solutions into action.With two decades of training businesses on the power of social media marketing, Shell now works with companies on creating inclusive practices, answering questions, and promoting understanding related to the gender spectrum while building welcoming environments for all. Shell’s nonbinary training and speaking engagements foster more accepting surroundings for customers, employees, and all individuals regardless of their gender identity. Shell inspires audiences by raising awareness and providing real life examples on becoming an ally for gender diverse people, while offering strategies to improve bottom line results. Connect with Shell at her website

Master Of Your Crafts is a conversational podcast with individuals who have and are working towards mastering a craft. They have harnessed and taken ownership of a gift, talent or skill that is so innate to them. We uncover the inner dialogue, actions and life circumstances, all combined in a deep conversation to offer you words of wisdom to empower and guide you to be your own Master Of Your Crafts