S3. Ep45. The power to belong.

Tiffany Bush creatively weaving her passion for yoga as a steadfast lifestyle choice, Tiffany is a mind-body-soul healer.  She radiates a warmhearted, approachable vibe of “I see you, I get you, I feel your pain, and yes, you can heal.” Tiffany’s inspirational and empowering yoga workshops merge breath work and movement with meditation, journaling, and sound healing.  She facilitates life-changing experiences and provides the gift of everlasting self-care tools. Tiffany brings passion and authenticity both on and off the mat. Her divine, Goddess-inspired message centers on the mind-body-soul connection.
Tiffany is a Yoga Teacher, Philanthropist, Financial Services Agent, Healer, Speaker, Writer, Workshop Leader based out of Lake Oconee in Georgia, she teaches privately and offers classes online with Gaia.com. You can connect with her on instagram and facebook @tiffanybushyoga or check out her website www.tiffanybushyoga.com.
Master Of Your Crafts is a conversational podcast with individuals who have and are working towards mastering a craft. They have harnessed and taken ownership of a gift, talent or skill that is so innate to them. We uncover the inner dialogue, actions and life circumstances, all combined in a deep conversation to offer you words of wisdom to empower and guide you to be your own Master Of Your Crafts.