S3. Ep 50. Plant Medicine

Davyd Farrell is a plant shaman who comes from an Irish/Cornish background and his Celtic roots form a strong part of his healing and shamanic practices. He is a trained Plant Spirit Healer, Crystal Healer, Geomancer and a Yew Mysteries Initiate. He has also been initiated into a long lineage of Kichwa tobaqueros from the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. He spent 3 years in India and Italy studying Tibetan Buddhism deeply in semi-monastic centres, and has taken teachings and empowerments from HH Dalai Lama and Dagri Rinpoche as well as many other Lamas and Rinpoches.
He brings all of those different modalities into his teaching and healing and works a lot with his ancient ancestors in the land. He co-founded the ground-breaking events, Gateways Of The Mind, Plant Consciousness and The Shamanic Lands as well as co-founding the online tv platform www.wisdomhub.tv where he is the lead interviewer and curator. Now residing in Mexico – he offers quantum remote healing and occasionally runs plant medicine retreats working with various sacred plants, cactus and fungi. Davyd  can be contacted on davyd@wisdomhub.tv


Master Of Your Crafts is a conversational podcast with individuals who have and are working towards mastering a craft. They have harnessed and taken ownership of a gift, talent or skill that is so innate to them. We uncover the inner dialogue, actions and life circumstances, all combined in a deep conversation to offer you words of wisdom to empower and guide you to be your own Master Of Your Crafts and Bright Shining Light.