S3. Ep. 54. The fibre of your being

Carmen Bohn is a fibre artist and creative entrepreneur who lives, works and plays in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Her fibre art focuses on creating colourful and textural art yarns on one of her many spinning wheels and then using those yarns to make freeform knit, crochet objects and woven tapestries. She likes to reclaim and upcycle textiles and household waste that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. She weaves (literally) the story of these things into her pieces, drawing attention to the issue of consumption and waste. 
Carmen officially launched her own small, local, creative arts studio called Ply Studio (located in a sweet little neighbourhood in Ottawa called New Edinburgh) in January of 2021. There (and online) she offers a range of creative arts workshops (sometimes in collaboration with other makers and artists) with the mission of helping people to feel good by teaching them to make stuff by hand. 
She spends a good portion of her time (when she isn’t in her Studio) with her inspired husband, Chris, and her giggling girls, Everleigh and Maeven. Usually on a ski hill in the winter or near a body of water in the summer. Caramen can be reached at http://www.plystudio613.com/ @plystudio613 and @carmenbohn on Instagram and Facebook.