S4. Ep. 73. Pass on courage

Corbie Mitleid has always been “the different one.” A writer and visionary in a completely medical family, she has always made her own path rather than take one cut for her by others. Leaving an Ivy League university after two years, Corbie struck out to find where joy and purpose lived, regardless of what she was told she “ought” to do. The path wasn’t easy. Two marriages, which didn’t last, and a constant search for the Partner Who Understood. A succession of jobs. A series of spiritual paths. Moving from Cambridge to Philadelphia to Poughkeepsie to New York to Atlanta. Out of the blue, breast cancer—not once, but three times. Life became a roller coaster with no brakes, asking Corbie to survive divorce, abuse, poverty and life-threatening illness. But through it all, she learned the value of the Examined Life: meeting challenges and always asking the next question, facing each new situation with strength, courage and humor.
Today, Corbie brings a full toolbox to her job as a beacon of manifestation and vision for her clients. She knows what it is to create a career out of experiences. While she’s now a full-time intuitive counselor and inspirational speaker, her career has encompassed positions as an author, professional actress, video producer, radio personality, executive recruiter and “power behind the throne” for a number of high-profile CEOs. Corbie’s career now spans the globe, with clients worldwide. Her talents as an intuitive are featured in bestselling books. Still, her clients treasure her attitude of I’m not special, you can do what I do.
“We have opportunities we can go after, and challenges to get past,” she says firmly. “My job is to give you the tools and courage to deal with both situations. Everything else is free will, and up to you!”
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