S5. Ep. 90. From pain to purpose

Greg Wieting is a healer who helps leaders and entrepreneurs heal the anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and
trauma they can’t think or talk their way out of. He is the founder of PRISMA – a framework overlaying trauma, neuroscience, and energy medicine with somatic and mindfulness-based practices. He developed this while healing his own anxiety, depression, and chronic pain rooted in trauma. This included unraveling a severe spinal curvature and standing three inches taller today! Over the last two decades, Greg has helped thousands heal through his one-on-one practice and has certified hundreds of healthcare professionals in his methodology. His new online course and community now make healing practical and accessible to all.
https://www.gregwieting.com/ https://www.prismamethod.com/ https://www.instagram.com/greg_wieting/