S1. Ep1. The Power Of Creativity

Love is the most amazing artist creating all things beautiful. Brona’s unique experience in the arts dates from before age 15, although only recently she began to produce paintings. The trigger which sparked her interest was in meeting and painting with Ritchie Sinclair; a well established Canadian woodland artist. His paintings deeply moved her and inspired her to pursue her own artistic path as a painter. Since 2013 she has created an extensive array of paintings and drawings, including painting large-scale collaborative murals with Sinclair.

Brona’s art has been deeply influenced by the sacred symbolism inherent in Canadian Woodland art, and with the art-forms prominent colors and black outline, so reminiscent of stain-glass windows. Her artistic medium of choice is acrylic paint applied to canvas or reclaimed furniture. She also converts her black & white drawings into striking prints using a contrast inversion technique.

As a former professional dancer and dance teacher, Brona’s stunning paintings are intricately choreographed with beautifully fluent form and razor-sharp lines. From nature, she derives personal inspiration and a sense of the interconnection between all life forms. Simply put; her paintings celebrate love. Using symbols she explores various aspects of life, death, femininity, motherhood, freedom, relationships, and the sanctity of sexuality. Brona’s paintings bring simple joy, peace, and harmony to the viewer, as well as sparking our own imaginations to dream dreams, and create anew.


Written by Ritchie Sinclair

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